Road Slip / Geogrid REVOLUTIONIZING ROAD CONSTRUCTION WITH ROAD SLIP / GEOGRID TECHNOLOGY Secure & Sustainable Solutions for Challenging Terrains

Road Slips

Effectively prevent and manage road slips in vulnerable areas, ensuring safety and longevity.

Road Widening

Expand road capacity efficiently using our geogrid solutions, tailored for minimal environmental impact.

Mountain Roads

Conquer complex mountainous terrains with enhanced road stability provided by our advanced geogrid systems.

Applications and Advantages of Geogrid Technology

Our Road Slip Geogrid is utilized in various applications such as Road Slips, Road Widening, Mountain Roads, Bypasses, Soft Soils, Dams, and Bridge Abutments. These applications benefit from the geogrid’s ability to use local soils, support heights over 50m, and ensure fast, reliable installations with reduced manpower and equipment needs.

Koronadal City South Cotabato

Mabinay Negros Occidental

Maple Garden Taiwan Geogrid Nature

Visual Showcase of Geogrid Applications

Geogrid Technology in Action

Explore the Benefits of Road Slip Geogrid

Discover how JJ3 Trading Supply and Construction Corp can revolutionize your infrastructure projects with our Road Slip Geogrid solutions. Perfect for applications like road slips, road widening, and more, our geogrids ensure fast, reliable installation using local soils, even in challenging environments.