Empowering Infrastructure with Advanced Geogrid Solutions

Our Innovative Product Lines

Road Slip Geogrid

Optimize road construction with our geogrid solutions, ideal for road slips and widening projects.

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Soil Erosion Blanket

Prevent soil erosion effectively with our biodegradable and durable erosion control blankets.

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Road Slope / Rockfall Netting / Slope Protection

Secure slopes and prevent rock falls with our robust netting solutions designed for mountainous terrains.

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Flood Control / Sea Wall / Coastal Protection

Shield coastal and flood-prone areas with our advanced barriers and sea walls engineered for maximum protection.

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Highlighting Road Slip Geogrid


Ideal for road slips, road widening, mountain roads, bypasses, soft soils, dams, and bridge abutments.


Fast and reliable installation, reduced equipment and manpower needed, local soils can be utilized, and heights of over 50m can be achieved.

Leadership Spotlight: CEO Johnathan Markwell

At the helm of JJ3 Trading Supply and Construction Corp is CEO Johnathan Markwell, a visionary with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Under his leadership, JJ3 has pioneered innovative solutions in geotechnical engineering, particularly in the areas of road construction and erosion control. Johnathan’s expertise and strategic vision have been instrumental in propelling the company to the forefront of the industry, ensuring high standards of quality and sustainability in every project.

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Delve into the world of advanced construction solutions with JJ3 Trading Supply and Construction Corp. Discover how our specialized product lines, including Road Slip Geogrid and Coastal Protection systems, can address your unique challenges. Don’t miss out on leveraging our cutting-edge technology and expert insights for your next project.